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Innovative business model in a mature industry…

Asset finance and leasing - Post Acquisition Integration-Target Operating Model…

The Problem

• To integrate two businesses spread over four operational units and locations into one business at a new location while maintaining business operations.

What we did

• Mapped and described all the pre-integrated business units, operations and Customer Value Propositions (CVPs)

• Interviewed business introducers to determine appropriate CVPs for the new business

• Designed the Target Operating Model (TOM) for the integrated business

• Introduced the concept of Portfolio Management to the business model


• A new best practice TOM and business model that was considered innovative

• New CVPs that improved the relationship with business introducers, retaining business through a difficult period of transition to one integrated business

• Removal of costly complexity caused by duplicated and wasteful processes

• Simplified business model to facilitate the implementation of a new leasing system

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