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Business Case Development

A properly structured business case provides a compelling narrative of the reasons why investment in a particular initiative is required and why doing nothing is not an option if the strategic objectives and financial and non-financial benefits are to be delivered. A well structured business case provides a focal point for rational and clear thinking and should aim to:

Obtain management commitment and approval for the investment in business change.

Provide a framework for informed decision making.

Assess the short-listed options.

Agree affordability and the approach to delivery.

Commit funding and agree the procurement process for the preferred option.

We ensure that the business case is compliant with an organisation's investment decision making requirements, taking account of the cost of capital and other variables such as inflation, contingency and net present value discount factors.  Within the public sector, we ensure compliance with the Office of Government Commerce Gateway Review Process.

Our consultants have the maturity and business experience to participate in the development of the various investment options and to  challenge the underlying assumptions across the whole spectrum of business disciplines.  

The financial models that we construct are designed at the outset to be flexible in order to quickly adapt to changes as the business case evolves.  We ensure that the models maintain their accounting integrity in terms of the relationship between forecast cash flows, accounting policies and financial results and that there is an audit trail to underlying assumptions and supporting data.  Rapidly evolving business cases also require the strict discipline of version control so that amendments can be tracked and reconciled to control totals within the model.  This provides explicit evidence of the integrity of the model and provides confidence that the business case can be relied upon.

Key Benefits

Focal point for investment decision making

Business and financial arguments are fully integrated

Compliance and integrity of the business case and models develops confidence in the recommendations.

Typical Engagements

Investment options for the implementation of new Government regulations

Evaluation of integration options following an acquisition

Investments in major strategic changes and system implementations

Business and process re-engineering

Financial Models in support of mergers and acquisitions