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Consulting Tradecraft

Today's work environment is increasingly dealing with change and the necessity for personnel to collaborate across the organisation in order to address business problems, determine a response and to operationalise that response within the business.  

We don't explicitly sell consulting tradecraft, but our clients receive and feel it as part of the overall package of services that we deliver.  To Blue-Plate, consulting tradecraft enables clients to solve their problems in a process that is architected and structured with clear deliverables.  We break the how do you eat an elephant problem down into bite size chunks.

We work with our clients so that they feel and are an integral part of the change process and not a victim of a consulting intervention.  The consulting tradecraft toolkit is essentially about facilitating the process of problem solving and includes workshop facilitation, structured brainstorming, process design,  interview programmes, programme management, stakeholder management.  Above all, there is complete honesty and openness in whatever we do.  We ensure that we maintain our own standards of behaviour and work ethics, setting examples where required of positive work behaviours in situations where cultural change is desired.

We work across functional and organisational boundaries including engagement with customers, intermediaries and suppliers.  We do not avoid asking the naive, difficult or challenging questions in order to help clients break out of their organisational group think and implicit assumptions that may constrain innovative thinking.

Key Benefits

Clear structure and deliverables for all initiatives

We do it with you rather than to you

Challenge to existing business practices and assumptions