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The Blue-Plate approach is to architect a bespoke solution to a client's particular issues.  Although we do not use a packaged solution approach, our toolkit includes a number of structured approaches, that in the capable hands of a Blue-Plate consultant will greatly speed the process of solving a problem.  

"Learn from the mistakes of others.  There is not enough time for us to make all the mistakes ourselves."  Harriet Hall  Actress

Below are links to some of the tools of our trade and a table illustrating the scope of our capabilities.



Business Design
& Modelling

● Strategy testing and implementation

● Target Operating and Business Models

● Customer Value Proposition development

● Process design

● Organisation Design

● Financial Modelling

● Cost Management



Business Benefit Delivery Managers

● Business Transformation and Change Management

● System Implementation

● New business launch

● Business Integration

● Programme Audit & Recovery

● Project Office and Project Management Controls

Consulting Specialists

In-depth Specialist Knowledge in:

● Financial Services Sector

● Public Sector

● Financial Management

● Financial Processes and Systems

● Shared Service Centres

● Financial Modelling

● Execution Management